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GOP Bosses Say Take a Hike, Mike

Don’t want mayor at their party.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg was elected twice as a Republican, but left the party in 2007. Now that he’s running again, he wants back in, but city GOP leaders aren’t so sure. “All five county chairmen are extremely upset, and at least four are not willing to endorse the mayor for election,” says one GOP county chairman. Bloomberg “has abandoned Republican Party ideals. Right now, it’s anybody but Mayor Bloomberg. It’s extremely clear to me that my executive committee would rather stay broke than support Mayor Bloomberg.” To run as a Republican, Bloomberg needs permission from three out of the five county leaders, but only Staten Island boss John Friscia is, so far, said to be keeping an open mind. Nor has Rudy Giuliani’s endorsement been much help: “It was a little blob in the corner of the newspaper,” says another county boss. “I don’t think it affects my thinking.” And even Friscia is sounding underwhelmed. “The mayor has forgotten about Staten Island,” he says.

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