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Back and Forth

At the premiere of Tyson, Ice-T and Coco talked to Jada Yuan about the problems of having a posse.


What was your favorite part of the movie?
COCO: When he talked about leeches.
ICE-T: We keep them off of us. We don’t have an entourage. We take our friends out when we want to, but they can’t tell us that they need to be with us. See, that’s bullshit.

ICE-T: They’ll do all kinds of shit. I had one of my best friends, a guy I took care of came out of prison, and when he ended up at the end of his rope, set me up to get robbed. I didn’t even trust Coco immediately.
COCO: You didn’t trust me?
ICE-T: Not out the gate. I immediately said it wasn’t gonna work because it can’t be an honest girl that’s this hot.
COCO: I think the very first conversation we had was, I don’t have as much money as people think I do, and that turned me on.

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