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Brad and Brandon Belle are 14-year-old eighth-graders at I.S. 211 in Canarsie. They both dominated junior table-tennis tournaments last month and are training to make the 2012 Olympics.


BRAD (left): The first time Brandon and I ever played Ping-Pong, we played each other. We both wanted to win, but only one person can. I think I won the first game.

BRANDON: Yeah, he was better than me at first. But now I kick his ass all the time.

BRAD: Sometimes. Whoever has a good day.

BRANDON: When we play table tennis, we’re strangers. But he’s the more ruthless.

BRAD: Yeah, I’m ruthless. I’m also higher ranked. I’ve beaten him in nine tournaments, he’s beaten me in five.

BRANDON: I need to work on my backhand.

BRAD: People say we could be the Williams sisters of table tennis. We’re twins. We’re good in doubles. We want to be the best doubles players in the U.S.

BRANDON: I want to be just like them. Be famous, make lots of money, go places.

BRAD: We’re from Bartica, Guyana. A lot of people play Ping-Pong there to keep their eyesight quick. The ball is very small.

BRANDON: We came to Canarsie in 2006, and we practice at the Brownsville Recreation Center. I won my first trophy in 2007. It’s a big cup, and it looks great.

BRAD: I won mine two months after. Now we have a hundred trophies. My dad built a shelf for them, but it’s running over, so he has to build the next one. It’s in the hall so everybody can see when they come in.

The Belles play the four-star New York City Open this weekend.

As told to Tim Murphy.

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