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The Knicks’ Lost Generation


50. Anthony Roberson
Plays in France.

51. Nate Robinson
Won three slam-dunk contests as a Knick while regularly driving coach Mike D’Antoni to drink.

52. Sergio Rodriguez
Late-season point-guard tryout in 200910 earned him a new contract in Spain.

53. Jalen Rose
Now an analyst for ESPN.

54. Malik Rose
Allegedly attacked by Nate Robinson in team shower. Now a broadcaster.

55. Cheikh Samb
Sengalese center played two games in 2009.

56. Mouhamed Sene
Sengalese center played one game in 2009.

57. Courtney Sims
Played eleven minutes in one game in April 2009. Knicks lost.

58. Bruno Sundov
Seven-foot-two: Has played in Belgium and Cyprus since leaving Knicks.

59. Michael Sweetney
Known for wide bottom and supposed rebounding prowess.

60. Maurice Taylor
One of the main figures in University of Michigan basketball team NCAA-rules violations.

61. Kurt Thomas
Played seven solid seasons and averaged a double-double in 20045.

62. Tim Thomas
Played for Knicks three times; twice traded to Chicago Bulls.

63. Cezary Trybanski
Seven-foot-two Polish national played in three games and scored one point, or 0.3 points per game.

64. Ime Udoka
Small forward came to Knicks from the Fort Wayne Flyers and played eight games.

Keith Van Horn  

65. Keith Van Horn
Was actually on the cover of the NBA Jam ’99 video game. Not as a Knick.

66. Bill Walker
Athletic three-point bomber was pleasant surprise for 200910 Knicks; will be back next year.

67. Charlie Ward
Made widely criticized anti-Semitic remarks at a team Bible study.

68. Clarence Weatherspoon
The first man Thomas traded away.

69. Chris Wilcox
Finished out the 20089 season with team and left as a free agent.

70. Frank Williams
Played from 2002 to ’04. Arrested last year in Peoria for pot possession.

71. Jerome Williams
Waived by the Knicks in 2005 to avoid paying the luxury tax; retired two days later.

72. Qyntel Woods
Once convicted of dogfighting (a misdemeanor). Now plays in Poland.

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