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Five Blogs to Check Out


Type: Photo blog
Who’s Behind It: Megan Frost
Why Bookmark It: Image after image of teeny-weeny furry animals means you’ll never be sad again.
Type: Judicial
Who’s Behind It: Thomas Goldstein
Why Bookmark It: Stay on top of Alito & Co. with links to case briefs, play-by-play accounts of ongoing cases, and news roundups from other judicial blogs. Written by Goldstein & Howe lawyers, who specialize in the Supreme Court, and former Boston Globe reporter Lyle Denniston, the site is rumored to be read by the Supremes themselves.
Type: Video blog
Who’s Behind It: Christoph Lincke
Why Bookmark It: Said to be the place where Hollywood finds new directing talent, this blog lets anyone sign up and post a video. Way better than paying iTunes $1.99 to watch the latest Kanye West spectacle.
Type: Design news
Who’s Behind It: Grace Bonney
Why Bookmark It: Addicted to stuff? Well, then, Bonney is your pusherman. She posts up to twelve times a day on everything from high-design gems seen at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair to surprising finds at national big-box stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond—plus sample-sale alerts!
Type: MP3 blog
Who’s Behind It: Matthew Perpetua
Why Bookmark It: Reading an album review gets one only so far. Perpetua takes you the rest of the way by including a sample MP3 for every track discussed so you can really hear what he’s talking about. Genres run the gamut from Europop to electro to indie rock.

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