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The Microfame Game


Step No. 6: Diversify.

Tila Tequila loves you for putting her in your MySpace Top 8!  

Very few celebrity entrepreneurs have mastered this new world of multichannel distribution—except for Tila Tequila.

With an album, a reality-TV show, and more fans than anyone else (besides Tom) on MySpace, it might seem that Tila Tequila has crossed over from microfame to full-fledged celebrity status. But Tila is actually the embodiment of microcelebrity, a changeling who mastered several niches rather than creating a single dominant audience.

Tila Tequila is a platter from which to choose. There's Tila the sex kitten, who has appeared in Playboy and Stuff. But there's also Tila the ninth-wave feminist, who has turned her official Web presence into a family-safe respite for teen fans. And there's Tila the raunchy bisexual, a completely fabricated role she plays on A Shot at Love on MTV. Don't forget Tila the pre-fame gangster girl, Tila the tweeny pop musician, and Tila the entrepreneur with a clothes line.

Tila Tequila is the anti-Madonna. Rather than building a super-persona that dominates all media platforms, Tila doles out a different identity for each platform. And though her protean antics hardly dominate any one arena (her debut album sold only 13,000 copies), Miss Tequila has spread her microfame empire by diversifying.


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