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Notes on New York’s Celebrity Infestation

Star Map
Where to find the city’s famous people. Not that you’d ever look.

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The city’s celebrity influx cries out for its own census—hence our exhaustively researched, methodically compiled, first-ever Star Map. The addresses were culled from publicly available real-estate records, selected published reports, and widely used Internet directories as well as the occasional in-the-know friend or well-placed source. The names you see here aren’t more important than those you don’t see. But they are all certifiably boldfacey and they live, at least part of the time, in a location we were able to confirm, more or less. Out of consideration for our stalker-fearing fellow citizens, we opted not to print specific addresses. But you can still see, generally to within a block, where Drew Barrymore and Fabrizio Moretti live, that Uma Thurman and Julia Roberts could easily buy their lottery tickets at the same corner deli, where Kim Cattrall shares an elevator with Neil Sedaka, and that Herman Melville and Joey Ramone were practically neighbors (albeit in different centuries). And yes, you can also see which celebrities live on your own block—as if you care.