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The Socialista Universe


Jessica Joffe

Former Observer scribe, girlfriend of Ryan Adams, model for Uniqlo and Banana Republic, hermit of late.

Alexis Bryan

Fast-rising fashion editor at Vanity Fair and daughter of Anna Wintour’s boyfriend, Shelby Bryan.

Dr. Lisa Airan

Chanel-loving skin doc links to her Vogue mentions on Website. Frequent walker of designer Gilles Mendel.

Lauren Davis

Mistakenly referred to as a Poland Spring heiress, (finally) engaged to Colombian billionaire.

Amanda Brooks

Sold style book to Judith Regan. Anna Wintour made her a contributing editor at Men’s Vogue.

Nancy Jarecki

Whip-smart wife of Andrew “Mr. Moviefone” Jarecki has company selling dye for the “hair down there.”

Lauren DuPont

Wife of sculptor-heir Richard duPont got her start at Vogue; now a contributing editor at Vogue Living.

Marina Rust Connor

Chic contributing editor at Vogue whose stories often include photos of herself (e.g., a Rachel Zoe makeover).


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