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Obama: Hold the Beets
Obama has mentioned that his favorite food is fried chicken, but he’s also bragged about his culinary specialty, a “mean chili.” Though he has a weakness for French fries, the skinny Obama usually makes healthier choices, like tilapia, which he orders frequently at Calypso Cafe in Hyde Park, according to a waitress there. He prefers dressing his cheeseburgers with Dijon mustard. Back in college he ate his pizza Hawaiian style, predictably. But Obama’s palate is not so limited: In Dreams from My Father, he revealed that he ate grasshopper, dog, and snake while living in Indonesia as a child. Note to the White House chef: Obama hates beets.

McCain: Doughnuts and Coke
Campaign aides admire McCain’s proclivity toward a diet of doughnuts and Coke, but the women in his family are trying to curb his bad eating habits. Wife Cindy says John would eat hot dogs every day if given the chance. Daughter Meghan monitors John’s intake on the campaign trail. “He's 71 years old. He can have salad,” she told People in December 2007.


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