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Health Problems


Obama: Patch or Gum?
Obama is a young, active man who appears to be in fine health. He used to smoke cigarettes but claims he gave them up at his wife’s (not to mention the voting public’s) insistence.

McCain: “Older Than Dirt”
McCain himself says: "I'm older than dirt and got more scars than Frankenstein." Besides his age, McCain has lasting physical problems from his time as a POW. The two broken arms and broken knee he sustained in his 1967 plane crash went largely untreated for five years and bother him still. Despite years of physical therapy, McCain cannot move his arms above his shoulders. He cannot pull on a sweater, wear a hat, or brush his hair without assistance. A scar on his left cheek is from a skin cancer removed in 2000. If elected, McCain will be the oldest president ever inaugurated. To prove his predisposition toward longevity, McCain mentions his 96-year-old mother frequently on the campaign trail.


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