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Sleep Habits


Obama: Sleeps In Till 8!
A self-described night owl, as a senator and presidential candidate Obama didn't get a ton of sleep whether at home in Chicago (he’d stay up until one or two in the morning working on The Audacity of Hope) or on the campaign trail. His morning "sleeping in" time is 8 a.m., according to an AP questionnaire, but he probably wishes it were later: "I'm not naturally a morning person," he told CBS News. Becoming president has done nothing to help Obama narrow the sleep deficit. By the time midterm elections came around in 2010, Obama told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that he gets a wakeup call every morning from the White House operator. "If I don't wake up the first time, they just keep on calling." During the debt-ceiling standoff in the summer of 2011, top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett told Reuters: "He's getting absolutely no sleep."

Romney: Goes to Bed in Full Romney Garb
When The Wall Street Journal asked Romney what his 2009 New Year's resolutions were, one of his answers stood out: "Stop wearing a suit and tie to bed." Now, that may have been meant in jest, but the fact that it’s weirdly plausible is in itself scary. Not for nothing has Romney become known as the ever-crisp Massachusetts Mormon mega-millionaire — any time that suit jacket and tie come off at campaign stops, the world just stops making sense. As the Wonkette blog put it: "Silly Mitt, everyone knows his head falls off if you remove the tie."


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