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Taste in Music


Obama: Jazz and Javanese Flute
Obama says he has “eclectic taste” in music, but his high-school discovery of jazz remains most significant. He told New York radio station Hot 97 in June 2007, "I'm old school, so generally, I'm more of a jazz guy, a Miles Davis, a John Coltrane guy, more of a Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder kind of guy. But having said that, I'm current enough that on my iPod I've got a little bit of Jay-Z. I've got a little Beyoncé." According to his Facebook profile, Obama also listens to Bob Dylan, Johann Sebastian Bach (cello suites), and the Fugees. A recent CD purchase was the Ray soundtrack. On his iPod, you’ll find tracks from Yo-Yo Ma, Frank Sinatra, and blues legend Howlin’ Wolf as well as some toe-tapping “Javanese flute music.”

McCain: Campaigning to the Oldies
Coming of age in the fifties, John still favors musicians from that era, including Elvis, the Beatles, and Frank Sinatra. One of John’s favorite movies is American Graffiti, and he loves the soundtrack, which features Bill Haley, Frankie Lymon, and Buddy Holly, among others. John’s daughter Meghan says her dad likes Lauryn Hill, and the senator himself threatens to play Abba in all the White House elevators if elected.


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