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Ageless Wonders
In addition to Derek Jeter, these three holdovers from the late-nineties golden era made major contributions this season.

Then, and now.   

Jorge Posada
With his shoulder troubles comfortably in the past, Posada’s shown himself to be impressively clutch: He has knocked in 18.4 percent of his RBI opportunities— the highest percentage on the team.

Andy Pettitte
Who remembers the Astros and that HGH business? Pettitte has been in late-nineties mode all year, a reliable innings-eater and steadying presence. He’ll likely be back in that familiar No. 2 starter role in the postseason.

Mariano Rivera
The one-pitch genius seems likely to keep at it until he’s 80. Rivera’s ERA was under 2.00 for the sixth time in the past seven years, and he has given up three runs since July.


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