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6. A Few People You May Have Heard of Are Big Fans

Here’s what they have to say about how to get you here.


John Leguizamo
LeBron, come to New York! Have you ever been to Scores, LeBron? There’s no strip club like New York strip clubs. You can have whatever dancer you want. And endorsements up the ass! You’re a Yankees fan. You can hang out with the Yankees. We’ve got all the rappersJay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest. Al Pacino, De Niro, you can hang out with them on the weekends. You want to be on the cover of Vogue again, LeBron? It’s in New York! What do you got in Cleveland? A struggling economy? Fifteen percent unemployment? Is that where you want to be?

Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Free dinners as long as he wants. I’ll feed him whatever he likesdouble chickens.

Mark Sanchez
Great food, great fans, the best place to play. Madison Square Garden has so much tradition, and he can only add to it. I heard he just changed his number to 6, same as mine. I mean, everybody has a hero, but he doesn’t have to do everything I do.

Drew Nieporent
Shall I show you my picture of LeBron? I was just courtside at the Cavaliers-Celtics game in Boston. It’s a great shot. [Paging through photos on his BlackBerry.] That’s the World Series. Let me get to view pictures. There it is. No, that’s Dr. Dre. He and LeBron were together later at the game. [Paging through.] I can show you the Who at Royal Albert Hall. [Paging through.] If I erased this picture, I’m going to shoot myself. There it is. [James has his hands in front of his face.] He was upset that I was taking his photograph. He thought I was a Celtics fan. Why would I tell him to come here? If you really want to be the best at what you do, you have to perform in New York.

Tommy Hilfiger
I’d give him free clothes.

Ray Kelly
We should use bribery or whatever we can to get him. He’s phenomenal.

Spike Lee
I got my own plan. I’m working on it.

Martha Stewart
Should LeBron James come to New York? Oh, definitely! Incentive? Money.

Start the LeBron James Fund, and get everybody in New York to pitch in a dollar.

Well, not everybody...

Denzel Washington
LeBron is a grown man and he is going to make his own decisions. I have nothing to say about that.


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