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8. Not That We’re All About Celebrities


It’s not all glitz and glamour in New York. We are also home to the most legendary court in all of street basketball, Rucker Park, where Earl Monroe, Dr. J, Allen Iverson, and Vince Carter, to name just a few, have plied their trade. We dropped by to ask the city’s hoop dreamers and fans what they had to say about you.

Asaf Breier
martial-arts teacher
“I’ve been known to do a little body-painting and face-painting. I’d have the fence and someone would have the D next to it. It’d be like soccer games in Europe, where people throw smoke bombs. Well, hopefully no smoke bombs, but closer to that.”

Elizabeth Martinez
on disability
“I’d get off my wheelchair for him to come here. I’d stand up and root for him.”

Brandon Johnson
“The market is much bigger, the fan support would be there, and it will add tons and tons of credibility to his legacy. But most of all, we need help. I’m going to keep it real— we need help.”

Lawanda Joyner
social worker
“Hey, LeBron, how are you? This is Lawanda. I was wondering if when you came to the Knicks, we could go out?”


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