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So What Would “Sanchezing” Be?

Tebow’s signature celebration became a nationwide fad, but what might his counterpart’s go-to move look like? We asked around.


Illustration by Kyle HIlton  

“Sanchezing would be that thing QBs do where they lift up both hands like it’s a touchdown and then look around befuddled when the pass is 50 feet too high.” —Drew Magary, Deadspin

“If last year was any indication, Sanchezing looks like doing a push-up while grimacing. It derives from getting off the ground after being knocked down because you have an incompetent right tackle.” —Brian Bassett,

“Tebow’s pose is a testament to his faith, what’s most important to him. So Sanchezing would be like one of those 16-year-old-girl MySpace photos. Right arm stretched out in front holding the camera, left arm tucked behind the head, with your best smoldering, pouting ‘I want to be on The O.C.’ look.” —David Wyatt,


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