5 Headlines From 2025

Photo: Photo by NASA/Universal History Archive

Ten years ago, YouTube launched. Ten years from now, we could be using it to watch livestreaming, 360-degree footage of Chinese astronauts on the moon. Here are some headlines you might be seeing a decade into the future:

Kivalina, Alaska, Is Gone
The ocean had been creeping over the tiny island's land for years, but now it's finally gone. Ex-residents had to relocate after regular inundations made it dangerous to stay, but since the government never provided funding to rebuild the village, most former residents ended up in Anchorage.

MTA Debt Tops $2.5 Billion
Even after eliminating all token-booth clerks, MTA's debt continues to rise, until it hits $2.5 billion. The Second Avenue Subway still has not reached 125th Street.

Air Force Launches Hypersonic Weapons
The U.S. military finally ends the conflict that pundits have taken to calling the Twenty-Five-Year War, with a surprise attack on the area once known as Afghanistan, using weapons that fly five times the speed of sound.

Medical Waits in the U.S. Outstrip Canada
Although Americans still have to buy their health care privately, an aging population and the declining prestige of medical school mean that America doesn't have enough doctors — and it takes even longer to see a doctor in the U.S. than in Canada.

Chinese Astronauts Walk on the Moon
For the first time ever, people from a country other than the U.S. walk on the moon. The Chinese astronauts land far enough away from the U.S.'s initial landing site that they cannot confirm the U.S. was there first, kicking off a whole new round of conspiracy theories.