Five Headlines From 2020


No one knows exactly what the future will bring. But entrepreneurs, governments, and other optimistic people do like to set forward-looking goals. If all goes as planned, here are few headlines that could hit newsstands (assuming they still exist) just five years from now:

In Space, a Hotel Opens Its Doors

With an infusion of capital from an anonymous oligarch, Russia's Orbital Technology meets its goal of opening the first space hotel. The first seven tourists take the two-day journey to spend a few days relaxing in space, where they try to keep balanced and watch the sun rise and set 16 times each day. The food, reportedly, is pretty good.

China Ends Drought With Artificial Rain

After being plagued with water shortages for the past five years, China builds on its cloud-seeding success at the Beijing Olympics and leverages new research to make it rain.

Wyoming Quietly Becomes the Last State to Ban Smoking in Bars

Smoking at work: no more. Smoking in restaurants: done. Bars? That time is over. As the CDC predicted, every state in America finally gives in and creates some sort of comprehensive indoor smoking ban. Wyoming, where the state government had long banned smoking only in truly dangerous places, like underground mines, is the last state to kick smokers out of doors.

California High-Speed Rail Opens, Slashes Ticket Prices

Finally, California runs its first high-speed train from Northern to Southern California, but is overshadowed when first-generation driverless Google cars make it from one city to another in the same amount of time.

Generation Z, Come to My Office

In a rash of trend pieces, millennials' bosses struggle to understand an upstart generation of people who have known how to use the internet for as long as they can remember, have trouble communicating face-to-face, and are obsessed with fancy sandwiches.