Is It the Future Yet? Welcome to ‘The Way We’ll Live Next’

Model Bunny Yeager, pointing a "ray gun," wears a space helmet with her bikini on Miami Beach.
Photo: Bettmann/CORBIS

Welcome to "The Way We'll Live Next," in which takes a month-long look at how to eat, dress, exercise, play, and get along in a future that's both uncannily advanced yet strangely familiar.

We'll look at innovations and trends in travel, culture, fashion, and more — from robot sports to "post"-tourism. Inventors and pioneers will explain what we'll be nostalgic for and what weird gadgets will seem mundane ten years from now. There will be possible solutions to pesky problems like passwords — finally! — and the growing pile of remote controls living under the coffee table. We'll find out the best ways to predict the future from people whose business is forecasting, see how predictions from the past stack up against the present, and what 4-year-olds want the world they take over to look like.

We already live in the future — it's normal to talk to people across the planet, in real time, over video; hoverboards exist; space commuting isn't totally out of the question. But that's nothing compared to what's coming. So hail a driverless cab, and come along for the ride.