Everything We Know About the Future, According to Tomorrowland


Tomorrowland, the summer blockbuster that's based on the future-themed parts of Disney's theme parks, comes out in a month. And only now are details of the movie starting to come out. A trailer released in early March provided a few glimpses at the film’s depiction of the future. A Japanese version uploaded a week later provided move. Now press notes are tying it all together and beginning to paint a clearer picture of Tomorrowland’s version of the future. Here’s everything we know about the way we’ll live next, according to Tomorrowland writers Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof.

In the near future...

The world is falling apart

Before the characters in Tomorrowland make their way to Tomorrowland, we see them in their present, which looks to be our future. It’s grim. As a handful of peeks at TV news show us, severe weather is ravaging the earth and costing governments millions. Protesters are clashing with police, and looters are running wild. Perhaps most indicative of the dystopia, skinny white girls with NASA-employed fathers are getting arrested.

NASA is crumbling

From production notes published by Stitch Kingdom, we know that America’s space program is on the verge of collapse and NASA engineers are losing their jobs.

Dogs are holograms

At least some of them are.

Security systems can knock intruders off your porch

Bathtubs will double as rockets

Spaceships will lift off from city centers

In the distant future...

Tomorrowland is surrounded by fields of grass

When our hero Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) is momentarily transported to the future while driving down a city street with her dad, the street morphs into endless fields of grass. Good news for those of you who hate sprawl.

Everyone is sad

Or, as Hugh Laurie puts it in production notes, “morbid defeatism has gripped the world.” Superficially, Tomorrowland is advanced and interesting, but even though technology provides mankind with endless benefits, no one feels satisfied.

Cities are complex

They’re full of elevated monorails, flying cars, maniacs flying around with personal jetpacks, and buses that look like caterpillars. Buildings are either angular or round. Big machines with electric charges do something we can’t decipher. Parks float on giant grass-covered discs. 

There’s a clock that counts down the end of time

At the beginning of the trailer, Frank Walker (George Clooney) stares at a countdown clock on his desk as he narrates, “Every second that ticks by, the future is running out.” Later, once he reaches the distant future, he’s desperate to reach a similar clock in Tomorrowland. This one is high in the sky, with many golden gears, and we’re pretty sure it’s a countdown to the end of the world.

Guns will shoot circles of fire

Robots will box