Good-bye to Next!

Photo: Vivendi Games

Sometimes the future comes faster than you think. It's already time to say good-bye to Next — but having taken a glimpse into how we'll be living in the coming years, we're optimistic about what's ahead.

We found out how our online friendships could become stronger and better than ever and technology might actually save football from itself. We visited a workshop in Brooklyn that's making space suits — and spinoff fashions that we can wear even with our feet planted firmly on the ground. (But if we do end up as tourists in space, we'll know what to pack.) At home, we'll be doing less laundry, stocking our medicine cabinets with instant wound-sealing glue, and putting out kitchen fires with the power of sound. If professional athletes disappoint us by getting into genetic doping, we can always root for our favorite robot soccer team or the next generation of video-game champions. And when we need a break, there'll be technology to help us meditate — or we'll head to "post-tourist" Berlin for a little time off from reality.

No matter what, there's plenty to look forward to. See you in the future?