Here’s What the Future Will Look Like, According to Kids and Senior Citizens


In the past few weeks at the Way We'll Live Next, we've searched for unique takes on the future from a wide array of experts and trend watchers. However, there were two kinds of people we hadn't talked to, and whose views are too often ignored — children and the elderly. So, with the help of Manhattan's Hudson Guild community centers, we sat down with a group of grade-school kids and senior citizens and asked them what they thought the world will look like in 2115 — what we'll invent, how we'll dress, what we'll do for fun. The results were fascinating, heartening, and (as you might expect) occasionally completely adorable. They told us the future could be pretty amazing: We'll have time travel, robotic dodo birds, $11 bills, basketball you can play with your mind — and we'll still find time for dancing.

Special thanks to the Hudson Guild for assembling the interviewees.