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Julie Reiner
Owner and cocktail savant, Flatiron Lounge, 37 W. 19th St.

Cocktail Philosophy: Fresh, consistent, fruit-forward.

Biggest Cocktail Pet Peeve: Bartenders who don't rinse their shakers between drinks. "You'd be surprised," says Reiner. "I recently went to a very well-known restaurant, and they made us cocktails in dirty shakers."

Craziest Concoction Attempted: A bright-green kiwi-infused tequila that looked far better than it tasted. "I had peeled hundreds of kiwis," recalls Reiner, "but the tequila just overpowered the flavor."

Gin or Vodka Martini? Shaken or Stirred?: "When you stir," explains Reiner, "You chill without diluting." As for her preference for gin: "Everyone is so stuck on vodka because it tastes like nothing."