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Here for the Game? Or the Flirting?

The Place: The Hill, a new sports bar in Murray Hill.
The Time: A recent Saturday night, 8:36.
The Mission: Talk to every college-football obsessive in the house.


1. Adam Szczesny
31, Murray Hill, investment banker
I went to Michigan State with Bryan. I really like Bryan’s wife, Rachel. Even though she’s a big Texas fan, she’s not as crazy as Pamela over there, who gets into plays and calls and stuff. She’s a huge LSU fan. These southern girls are insane about football.

2. Bryan Fingeroot
31, Tribeca, finance
Rachel and I met at a share house in Ocean Beach. I feel very lucky that I found someone who’s into football. Listen, I like to be entertaining, but I think at this point in my life, Rachel and I are the boring marrieds. Rachel and I drink together well. We both just get loud and happy.

3. Alex Estevez
27, Park Slope, IT support
I miss going to college-football games. I would wear body paint. Nothing too crazy, but definitely more than just on my face.

4. Rachel Fingeroot
30, Tribeca, finance
Bryan and I just got married in April. All of these people, except for Mike, who I just recently met, were at our wedding. I don’t think Bryan and I are boring; we still go out a few times a week. We don’t have the same kind of interesting dating stories that our friends do, I guess. Bryan’s been drinking a lot today. There was a girl with shots walking around. I’m not annoyed, though, because he’s a funny drunk.

5. Mike Wohl
27, Murray Hill, analyst
I’m here to grab a drink, watch the game, and I also wanted to check out this new bar, since I live around the corner. This is definitely not a setup or anything with these girls. I have a girlfriend. Don’t blow up my spot! I’m at about the midpoint of the night—I was out drinking earlier. I’m on the way to getting pretty drunk.

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