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Follow Me, Freshman


Max Caffé  

Columbia University
Morningside Heights

Dinner Plus Leftovers
Taqueria y Fonda la Mexicana (968 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 108th St.; 212-531-0383) has great homemade tortilla chips with salsa ($2.50) and the entrées are overwhelmingly large.”

Sandwich Shop
“You can get huge heroes for about $6 at Hamilton Deli (1129 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 116th St.; 212-749-8924). It’s open 24 hours except on Sunday.”

Hang, Read, Drink Coffee
“Max Caffé (1262 Amsterdam Ave., at 122nd St.; 212-531-1210) has plush chairs and is more conducive to reading than, say, the Hungarian Pastry Shop (1030 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 111th St.; 212-866-4230), which is where you go to let people see you read.”

Budget Date
Toast (2737 Broadway, nr. 105th St.; 212-663-7010) is essentially a classy diner with fantastic burgers (from $9.95).”

“Hartley Pharmacy (1219 Amsterdam Ave., at 120th St.; 212-749-8480) fills prescriptions fast, the people are friendly, and it doesn’t feel like anyone in there is stressed.”

Urban Escape
St. John the Divine Cathedral (1047 Amsterdam Ave., at 112th; 212-316-7540) just opened all the chapels in the back, and it’s gorgeous—very serene.”

The Happening Bar
La Negrita (999 Columbus Ave., at 109th St.; 212-961-1676) has low lighting, good beers on tap (Newcastle, $4), and live music every now and then.”


Pickup Spot
1020 (1020 Amsterdam Ave., at 110th St.; 212-531-3468) is where students go to make bad decisions—usually after a bunch of $3 Yuenglings.”

Food Provisions
“Some people like Fairway because it’s inexpensive. But Westside Market (2840 Broadway, nr. 110th St.; 212-222-3367) is closer and great for microwavable dinners (Lean Cuisine, $4.19).”

Late-Night Munchies
Bombay Frankie Roti Roll (994 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 109th St.; 212-666-1500) is a popular drunk-food place. It’s basically Indian-style burritos with chickpeas and spiced yogurt for $3 to $4 each.”

Sunday Brunch
Kitchenette (1272 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 123rd St.; 212-531-7600) has awesome food: homemade turkey sausage with apple chunks ($4.25) and endless coffee refills ($3). Only downside: It can be a half-hour to an hour wait.”

Quick Delivery
Thai Market (960 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 107th St.; 212-865-6744) is pretty cheap (pad Thai, $9.50) and obscenely fast. One time they made it from 107th and Amsterdam to 119th and Claremont in nine minutes with two orders.”

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