PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Oscar de la Renta and Vogue 212 Society Fund-raiser for DARNA.

Gramercy Park Hotel. May 31, 2007.

So this was quiz night. How did your team do? “We stunk. We didn't even place. But I was pretty proud that I knew Alfred Hitchcock had used chocolate syrup for blood in Psycho. That's what you get for going to film school.” “ Arden Wohl

Gemma Ward

Why so reluctant to get your picture taken? “I just don't want to be that person at a party. You bring all these people you know to hang out with you and then they whisk you off in a corner to pose and talk to strangers.” “ Lily Allen

Michael Kors and Marjorie Gubelman

How are you at trivia? “I'm terrible. Terrible! It's really ridiculous that I organized a quiz night.” “ Jacquetta Wheeler and Alexi Lubomirski

Petra Nemcova

What was your worst trivia category? “Well, I was on the Cole Haan team. We weren't so good on sports. Surprise, surprise.” “ Andrew Saffir

Theodora Richards

You were on the Goldman Sachs team that won. How does it feel? “Well, I thought it would happen. I've been having a very lucky year. I own 10 percent of that company that found buried treasure, I was blessed by an Indian holy man in Fiji, I took my company public—you probably shouldn't put that in there.” “ Michael Novogratz, principal of Fortress Investment Group

Caroline Winberg

Your team, Valentino, placed second. How does it feel? “We were actually hoping for third, because then you're not left with that feeling that if you could have just answered a few more right, you could've won it all.” “ Boykin Curry

Claire Bernard

Hillary Rhoda and Lisa Cant

party lines image