PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The 2007 CFDA Fashion Awards

The New York Public Library. June 4, 2007.

You just came back from the MTV Movie Awards. How do you do it? “I have a team of twelve people to keep me fresh. I'm just kidding.” —Eva Mendes

How many Ralph Lauren outfits do you own? “I would be crazy to start counting them at this point. I can never let anything go. I still have a pair of red patent-leather boots. Years ago, I watched the Vagina Monologues and they said, ‘What is your vagina wearing?’ It's wearing Ralph Lauren red patent-leather boots.” —Oprah (GETTY IMAGES)

What's your summer sport? “I love to run. Like five miles. Not every day! I've been doing well actually. I get up at seven in the morning.” —Francisco Costa

What do you do in summer? “I like to find a rooftop and hang out there. ” Naked? “Preferably.” —Alicia Keys (GETTY IMAGES)

How big is your closet?
“It's two bedrooms I've turned into closets. I'd say I've worn maybe 40 percent. I'm up there with the girls. I'm a shopaholic. This is not something I'm proud of. I'm just trying to be honest with the problem that I have.” —Diddy (GETTY IMAGES)

Will you be taking up biking? “No, I will not be taking up biking. Haven't been asked and I won't. I'm just not a big cyclist.” —Tory Burch

What's your summer sport? “I horse-ride. I'm going to Montana. ” Does it show up in your fashion? “Yes. I've done Rodeo [Drive] rodeo.” —Zac Posen

We saw you in a pilot that got picked up for CBS. Are you leaving The Office? “I'm not leaving The Office. It's the best show on television. I'll just be pulling double duty.” — Rashida Jones

Do you like being called a legend? “Yes! It feels great.” — Ralph Lauren (GETTY IMAGES)

What are you least excited to see on the streets this summer? “I can't look at another maternity dress. I just think everyone's going to look back and say, ‘Why was I wearing a maternity dress. I wasn't pregnant.’” —Michael Kors (GETTY IMAGES)

You won the Young Designer award last year. What's your advice to the designers this year? “Just enjoy it. You can't control it. Just have fun with it.” —Doo.Ri

What summer TV do you watch? “I don't watch anything. I'm cooking, I'm hanging out with the kids, I'm preparing for the next day. I have e-mails. I'm producing a show in Germany. I don't even watch my show on TV. I see it before, when we cut it.” —Heidi Klum (GETTY IMAGES)

Summer plans? “I like to go to bookstores on the weekend. We go to the Carlyle and hang out there for an hour or so and then have lunch at the Café Carlyle and then stroll down Madison.” — Thakoon

Does Broadway teach you anything about fashion?
“It certainly teaches you to be aware of what the character might wear. But you rely on a great costume designer for that. ” —Bernadette Peters

What did you think of the tie for Womenswear Designer of the Year? “I'm baffled. But I was more baffled at why no one translated Pierre Cardin's speech. How do you let a man like that get up there and speak for that long and not translate him? Finally Diane got up there.--” —Fern Mallis

Why did you stand next to Pierre Cardin onstage?
“I wanted to translate! But by the time I got up there, he had already said so much and it was at the end. It's too bad.” —Diane von Furstenberg

What are your rules of fashion? “My roommate at Brown was Alex von Furstenberg, so we'd go to Diane's house and she would make sure that I wasn't making mistakes. So my first rule of fashion is know people who know what they're talking about.” —Duncan Sheik (GETTY IMAGES)

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