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The 60th Annual Tony Awards

Radio City Music Hall. June 10, 2007. By Jada Yuan, Mina Hochberg, and Jocelyn Guest.

You didn't win this year, but what do you do with your other Tony? “I keep it on a mantel, a little shelf. I don't stare at it, but I spin it sometimes. It's got really good action. ” —Liev Schreiber

Naomi Watts

You weren't in the third part of Coast of Utopia. What did you do during the marathon? “I went home, had a nap, ate dinner, and then came back for standing ovations. It was the best. I got applauded for going home and watching golf. ” —Billy Crudup

Vanessa Williams

Are there any movies you'd like to see made into a musical? “My favorite movie of last year was Crash. I don't think Crash would make a really awesome musical.” —Anne Heche

Ethan Hawke

How are you going to handle presenting? “Just keep reapplying the gloss. A lotta gloss.” —Claire Danes

Cynthia Nixon

How are you keeping busy this summer? “I eat a lot of wood chippings. After a while you get really spaced out and you see pictures of things. It doesn't do your insides any good, but you feel slightly at one with nature. ” —Eddie Izzard

Christopher Plummer (GETTY IMAGES)

Who are you most excited to see here? “I have a huge crush on Eddie Izzard. He's super sexy and smart.” —Felicity Huffman

Audra McDonald

What are you doing after everything calms down? “I'm gonna go to Texas. It's been raining like a son of a bitch and our creek is running. I'm going to go sit in cutoffs and drink massive quantities of beer!” —JULIE WHITE (GETTY IMAGES)

Vanessa Redgrave

Is your mom okay with you showing your ass? “She's okay with it, but she was like, ‘Do you have to?’ She's seen Spring Awakening twenty times, she's accustomed to it. You can't exactly get a prosthetic ass. No stunt ass!” —JONATHAN GROFF (GETTY IMAGES)

Christine Ebersole

Do you know Stephen Sondheim well? “He opens his home to us. He's a great game player. He loves to play this game called "cutthroat anagrams" with Scrabble pieces. He's fantastic at it.” —Raúl Esparza

Jeff Daniels

Why do you keep coming back to the stage? “They don't hire me for the movies anymore.” —BRIAN DENNEHY (GETTY IMAGES)

Martha Plimpton

You're nominated for Best Special Theatrical Event. “I'm so grateful to Kiki and Herb for putting on their show this year so there was a category. In the past they have just not had a category. Last year, they gave a special award to Bridge and Tunnel.” —JAY JOHNSON

Bernadette Peters

Have you been to the Tonys before? “This is my first time. I watch them every year, though. I've only done a couple plays in Manhattan, but when the TV show is over, I'm going to come here. I just want to be a member of the community.” —Zach Braff

Marcia Gay Harden

What's the best part about being a presenter? “The gift bag. You get a gift bag when you're a nominee, but it's sex-up-your-hair shampoo. Presenters get cool stuff: a purse from someone famous … some sunglasses … clearly nothing we appreciate, but good stuff.” —Robert Sean Leonard

Judd Hirsch

Are there any movies you'd like to see made into a musical? Dancer in the Dark. I would love to play the Björk role.” —Jane Krakowski

Swoosie Kurtz

What's the best part about being a presenter? “The espresso machine. It's great!” —Patrick Wilson

Patti Lupone

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