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Book Party for Tina Brown's ‘The Diana Chronicles’

Sony Club, June 11, 2007. By Justin Ravitz.

Do you actually read the tabloids? “Of course. I read everything. I adore Us Weekly. I think it's a genius magazine. I'm a big fan of magazines that fulfill the goal of what they're trying to be. ” —Tina Brown

Where were you when you found out
about Diana's death?
“I was at my house in Bridgehampton with my best friend, Mark Morris. I was also in Bridgehampton with Mark Morris the weekend that JFK Jr. died. Isn't that crazy?”
Do you get nervous now when he comes up? “I do! I get nervous that we're going to lose some fabulous, iconic person.” Isaac Mizrahi

Harvey Weinstein

What did you think of the Sopranos finale? “I would not have chosen Journey on that jukebox.” What would you have chosen? “Bon Jovi, Livin' on a Prayer.” —Julie Chen

What's your memory of the day Diana died? “I was actually in London. We went to this party — it was supposed to be festive, but it was way ramped down. But nobody wanted to mention the reason! Americans would just dive in with comments. The Brits were just not talking about it. ” —Touré

Bette Midler

Charlie Rose

You're writing a memoir. What don't we know about you? “A lot. Tina was my mentor in publishing. She and Judith Regan both bid for the book, and I went with Tina because she got it.” —Sandra Lee

Did you watch the Sopranos finale? “No.” Did you ever watch it? “I got bored by it. After a good long dosage.” —Barry Diller

Les Moonves

Did you watch The Sopranos last night? “If I was going to talk about my personal life, it would not be to you and it wouldn't be at this event.” —Mayor Bloomberg

Liz Smith

Sir Howard Stringer

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