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“Entourage” Fourth-Season Premiere

Ziegfeld Theater. June 14, 2007. By Miriam Datskovsky.

Have you ever had a boss like Ari? “Um, yes.” Any funny anecdotes? “No. It wasn’t funny at all. I really worked for a guy who was unreasonably tense.” —Rex Lee

Mini Anden

Turtle smokes a lot of weed. Do people offer it to you because of that? “Yeah. But that stuff’s bad for you and it kills your brain cells. I advise people to not smoke. ” —Jerry Ferrara

Perrey Reeves

Has playing Ari changed the way you deal with your agent? “No. Never.” —Jeremy Piven

Gbenga Akinnagbe

Drama cooks a lot on the show. Have you learned from that? “I have, actually. I learned how to chop, and there's a special way to do that. You don't actually chop down on it, you kinda roll the knife down. I make crêpes in the morning. I love the pan, I just start rolling.” —Kevin Dillon

Billy Joel

Which Entourage character would you date? “The producer. Just kidding. They're all so different. I have to see these people again, so I try not to pick sides.” —Hayden Panettiere

Rhys Coiro

Would the Entourage crew eat at your L.A. restaurant, Canelé? “Absolutely not. It's more of a restaurant that the Sopranos would go to when they're trying to escape being hit.” —Andre Royo

Michelle Lombardo

Did you actually go film in the jungle? “No, we filmed on a set. We shoot the Lakers games for real, YouTube concerts, and we were in Vegas and we were in France.” —Doug Ellin

Mark Wahlberg

Have you ever had a project stall? “It's not easy to make movies. I've been part of a lot of projects that have taken years to come to fruition.” —Adrian Grenier

Katie Lee Joel

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