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‘Broken English’ Premiere

Landmark Sunshine Cinema and the Bowery Hotel. June 18, 2007. By Jada Yuan.

Can you walk into a room and tell which women are from New York? “No, you can only tell that after talking to them for about fifteen minutes. By then, they're bored and they have seven other places to go. If she ditches you because she has to meet some guy named Marco, she's usually from here.” —Justin Theroux

What was your worst New York dating experience? “I don't go on a lot of dates. Sometimes at night when I can't sleep, I look at dogs on I should be browsing, but it's easier to browse PetFinder.” —Rachel Dratch

Sofia Coppola

What did you think of the movie? “Zoe's a good friend of mine. I was amazed at how intimate it seemed. Oh, there's Parker!” —Liev Schreiber

Is New York dating different than elsewhere? “I have a different perspective. I'm an actor.” What's the difference between French and American men? “They're looser.” —Parker Posey

Zoe Cassavetes

Have you learned not to date actors? “Maybe. Okay, yes.” —Anna Sui

Marc Ecko

Did you watch the Sopranos finale? “Yes. It was the most genius fucking thing I'd ever seen in my whole life. Them doing that made it less about the content and more the technical aspect, in the moment. Where everyone had to rewind their TiVos. Which was awesome.” —Drea de Matteo

André Balazs

Is dating in New York worse than elsewhere? “Not really. All women are crazy. All men are lazy, and all women are crazy.” —Shooter Jennings

Liz Goldwyn

How does Zoe Cassavetes's directing style compare to her dad's? “I don't analyze things like that. It's a very delicate insight into human behavior. I don't like the question. It's too obvious. Come on. ” —Jim Jarmusch

Chrissie Miller

Whoa, you surprised me with the two kisses. “I'm half French. I've been doing it all my life. Some New Yorkers get surprised, but they'll usually go with the flow if they're younger. Older women, starting at maybe age 56, are very uncomfortable. It's usually safer to go with a handshake.” —Henry Alex Rubin (GETTY IMAGES)

party lines image