PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Sicko’ Premiere

Ziegfeld Theater, June 18, 2007. By Justin Ravitz.

Today, your studio yanked bootlegs of Sicko from YouTube. “People should see the movie in the way I meant it be shown on the big screen. But I don’t agree with copyright laws in this country.” —Michael Moore

Kathleen Turner

You just had your second son. What’s the hardest thing about reentering the world postpartum? “Shopping at Connecticut Tent and Awning for a dress! People will really scrutinize you, and I know that, and that’s hard.” —Ashleigh Banfield

What's the weirdest stuff covered on your insurance plan? Yoga? Aromatherapy? “I should try and see how much crazy shit I can get. You know, actors try and get everything — plastic surgery, implants, the works!” —Morgan Spurlock

Any weight-loss tips for Michael Moore? “ Raw food! Raw food! I eat 98 percent raw food.”
What was your last food indulgence? “Popcorn at a hockey game about a month and a half ago.” —Carol Alt

Michael Moore is the king of awkward confrontations. What about you? “Oh, no. I will go to China to avoid a confrontation.” —Swoosie Kurtz

Russell Simmons

Are people afraid of Michael Moore? “There was such virulent hatred of him at General Motors after Roger & Me. I once sat next to Roger Smith on an airplane. I mentioned Michael Moore’s name ooooh! You should have seen the face he made.” —Robert Klein

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