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“Must List” Party

Gotham Hall. June 21, 2007. By Jada Yuan.

It's raining. Did you bring an umbrella? “No, I didn't. [Spots bodyguard carrying umbrella.] Actually, wait! I guess I did.” Do you carry it yourself? “I'd like to, but he doesn't let me.” —Rihanna (GETTY IMAGES)


Any advice for Paris Hilton in jail? “Stay out of the press for a while and cool off. Then come back. It's like Busta Rhymes: When they're after you, they're after you. And you've got to know that. This is gangsta information. Go on the lam.” —Ice-T (GETTY IMAGES)

Gia Farrell (GETTY IMAGES)

You're in town doing a new Slim-Fast campaign. Have you tried it? “No. But, you know, who doesn't want to lose ten to twenty pounds? I'd definitely try it.” —Rachel Hunter (GETTY IMAGES)

Selita Ebanks (GETTY IMAGES)

Why come to such a C-list event? “I've been in Vancouver for months, and I thought, Oooh, a party in New York! Plus you get a good goody bag from this lot. I re–gift, in a very Robin Hood–like way. I'm always saying to my friends, ‘What would you like for your birthday? How about an espresso maker? Because I've got four.’” —Alan Cumming (GETTY IMAGES)

David Castro and Raquel Castro (GETTY IMAGES)

You're from the Dominican Republic. Which New Yorker would you send there? “Everybody has to go to Punta Cana and drink some Mamajuana. It's this drink made out of a lot of different herbs from the country, and it gets you pretty tipsy. It's the bomb.” —Kat DeLuna (GETTY IMAGES)

Brittny Gastineau (GETTY IMAGES)

Is this the loudest party you've ever been to? “It's pretty loud, and these lifeguard booths are really weird. I wish I'd brought my swim trunks. I'm a pretty good swimmer. Especially when there's a lady out there who needs to be rescued.” —Adam Beach (GETTY IMAGES)

Oksana Baiul (GETTY IMAGES)

You're on VH1's Charm School. What lessons in manners have you learned? “Not to clink glasses when you're toasting. You're just supposed to raise them. I learned about the different forks and glasses and where bread and drink go. They have different hand signals for that.” —Leilene from Charm School (GETTY IMAGES)

Lydia Hearst (GETTY IMAGES)

Rihanna's looking very stylish these days. “I'm obsessed with her. She's turned it up. Her haircut is amazing. She's got a Victoria Beckham vibe. But I'm old, and old people like to sleep, so that bitch better start performing. ” —Robert Verdi (GETTY IMAGES)

Nicole “Coco” Austin (GETTY IMAGES)

You play scary thug Omar Little on The Wire. Are your friends afraid of you? “No! You know, even tough guys can ... [Lights dim.] Oh, my God! The show's about to start. I love Rihanna!” —Michael Kenneth Williams (GETTY IMAGES)

party lines image