PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Twentieth Century Fox Premiere of 'Live Free or Die Hard.'

Radio City Music Hall. June 22, 2007. By Jada Yuan.

What's your favorite scene? “The scene where Maggie Q kicks my ass. I like getting beat up by a girl.” —Bruce Willis

Can you use your fight training in real life? “I know that if I ever came in contact with a huge guy like Bruce, I've just got to be quicker than him. Make sure he doesn't get his hands on me, or otherwise I'll get crushed.” —Maggie Q

Ashton Kutcher

Do you have any fighting skills? “If you put me in one of those situations, I'd be done. I'd be the guy who calls someone else to help me out. I'm a fighter, but I'm like the limo driver. I'd wait till everything goes down and get in there late.” —David Lee, New York Knicks

The movie's rated PG-13. Did you feel like you got to curse enough? “ I don't curse too much in real life. And I don't think you notice it. It wasn't like I watched it and was like, ‘Damn, I wish there were more F-words in there.’” —Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Sam Rockwell

Is Bruce a fan? “One day he came over and said, ‘We're going a little slowly. I just wanted to apologize because I respect you as a filmmaker.’ And I thought, ‘This dude has never seen a single one of my movies. He probably doesn't know who the fuck I am.’” —Kevin Smith

Do you feel like God, given the kind of crazy action sequences you got to create? “No. But it is cool to sit in your living room and think, ‘You know what would be cool? To have an SUV slam into an elevator, fall down the shaft, and have a fight in there.’ And then cut to five months and $2 million later, and you're doing it.” —Len Wiseman, director

Piper Perabo

How exactly does someone die hard? “I guess they would get shot and fall really hard on the floor. Or if you're caught in the middle of the act with your wife and some bad guy comes upon you, it's another way to go.” —Yancey Arias (GETTY IMAGES)

You're a geeky villain, right? “ More like a strapping hacker. I can push my glasses up like nobody's business.” —Jonathan Sadowski

Kate Beckinsale

You're the Apple spokesperson. Now you're a hacker. Why all the computer geeks? “Look at me! What am I supposed to play? Idi Amin?” —Justin Long

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