PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Opening Night of‘Xanadu’ on Broadway

Helen Hayes Theater. July 10, 2007. By Jocelyn Guest

When was the last time you roller-skated? “I think I roller-skated last when I did the movie. We were filming ‘Suddenly,’ and I fell and broke my tailbone. I've never done it since, obviously! It was such a bad experience.” –Olivia Newton-John

Cynthia Nixon

When was the last time you roller-skated? “I ice-skated! I did my own ice-skating dance on Men in Trees with my partner, Orlando Jones, who plays my lover on it. We had to ice-skate and do an ice dance and have an argument at the same time.” —Mario Cantone

Were you worried about offending Olivia Newton-John? “She's well aware the movie is a disaster. She's had since 1980 to come to terms with it!” —Douglas Carter Beane, playwright

D.B. Sweeney

Were you nervous with Olivia there? “I was! It was the only time I was nervous. As I'm doing the show, I'm like ‘Oh, no, I hope she doesn't think I'm making fun of her.’” —Kerry Butler

How is it getting used to the skates? “My feet were bloody every day. But I thought, ‘It's Xanadu. If I'm going to friggin' do this, I have to just go for it.’” —Cheyenne Jackson

John Farrar

What about the fans? “They're fantastic! The ‘fanadus’ come like 20, 25 times in 50 previews. They're great to watch onstage because they know the choreography. They'll sing along, and they know where to stand up and dance.” —Christopher Ashley, director

party lines image