PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Interview’ Screening at The Cinema Society

Tribeca Grand. July 11, 2007. By Jada Yuan

Is it weird having to give interviews for a movie about being interviewed? “Quite weird. It's this part of the job that's the work. They don't have to pay me for the acting. I think they're paying me for this.” —Sienna Miller

Anna Wintour

Have you seen Knocked Up? “No! I can't contain my feminist rage. I know [Judd Apatow] makes funny movies, but it's all guys and one hot chick. When would you ever see a movie about the female Seth Rogan?” —Rachel Dratch

Famke Janssen

Do you get in fights with other designers? “Designers get mad at other designers because they hold models for the entire day or they put holds on models before they release them or they take too many models. There's a lot of model-hoarding going on.” —Nicole Miller

David Schwimmer

What would you ask reporters? “Can't you just make up something funny for me to say? Make it up. I don't care anymore.” —Steve Buscemi

Cynthia Rowley

What's going on with the Bungalow 8 renovations? “I changed the floor, and everyone's freaking out. Jeez. Everyone's like, ‘Oh, she's moving around. She's never coming back.’ Um, I'm here. I'll be at a venue near you all night called Bungalow 8.” —Amy Sacco

Hana Soukupova

Did the movie remind you of any particularly caustic interviews you've had? “It reminds me more of how I interview. Most journalists in England tend to behave like that.” —Tina Brown

Rufus Albemarle

Did the movie bring back memories of any particularly epic interviews? “To be honest with you, I am frightfully professional. If I don't want to answer a question, I just don't.” —Edie Falco

Stanley Tucci

You just moved here. How are you liking New York? “I'm so cheery to everyone here. I'm cheery to my doorman. Every cab I get in, I'm like, ‘Hi!’ And they're like, ‘Oh, God. You're new, aren't you?’ I'm still in the honeymoon stage.” —Daphne Zuniga

Stefano Tonchi

Who do you still hang out with from The Surreal Life? “Mini-Me and Chyna Doll. Last time I saw Verne [Troyer] was at Scores. They threw a party for him. He took home five chicks.” And you? “None!” —Marcus Schenkenberg

Sandra Bernhard

Billy Connelly

Ratatouille is out. Have you had any positive experiences with rats? “There was actually a rat on the subway the other day. I was listening to my iPod, and I heard this big commotion, and, like the Rockettes, all these feet went up at once, and I saw the little critter race down the car.” —Heather Matarazzo

Nicole Romano

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