PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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New York Premiere of ‘Hairspray’

The Ziegfeld Theatre. July 16, 2007. By Jada Yuan

Did you like having breasts? “I liked that everyone wanted to grab them and grab my butt. I was amazed at how much attention breasts and butts get.” —John Travolta
“He got a newfound respect for us.” –Kelly Preston

Katie Holmes

What's your favorite musical you've ever done? “The one I'm doing now is great: The Godmother and the Goddaughter. It's a whole show by my godmother Kay Thompson. I got the music to her cabaret act.” —Liza Minnelli

Christopher Walken

Are you dating anyone? “Michael Johnson, the drummer in Lovers Revolt. I thought he was grungy and not very attractive. Then he looked at me and pointed to me with his drumsticks, and I totally fell for it.” —Brittany Snow

You sang the bonus remix of "Cooties" for the soundtrack. Is this your big break? “It's the only song in my career where I've actually been having a good time. Usually I'm singing about pain and heartbreak. I had no idea that singing pop songs was like Prozac.” —Aimee Allen (GETTY IMAGES)

What's your best sixties dance move? “Honestly, I hate dancing. Which is crazy, because I'm a professional dancer.” —Lance Bass

John Waters

Do you sing spontaneously on the street? “At my point in life, I just try to remember the name of the song. It's a great test for me.” —Jerry Stiller

You look fancy. What are you wearing? “Believe it or not, my shoes are Nine West.” —Nikki Blonsky

We saw you arranging for your girls to get photographed with Zac Efron. “It means I'm good for at least a couple of months, until someone else comes along.” —Steve Schirripa

Nathan Lane

You were Link in the original Broadway production. Do you miss the big hair? “Not in summer. I used to sweat, and the hairspray would mix with the sweat and get into my mouth. I could taste it. It was gross!” —Matt Morrison (GETTY IMAGES)

You have a Chihuahua co-star in Legally Blonde. How's that? “He's quite the dictator. He's the man in my life. I don't bring guys or anyone else over when he's around.” —Laura Bell Bundy

How much hairspray did you ingest? “There's a scene in the movie where we walk into a cloud of hairspray that's actually aerosol deodorant. At lunchtime I went online to find out if you could get sick from inhaling too much Arid Extra Dry.” —James Marsden

What Broadway haunts have you adopted? “Spotlight Live, we own that place. Right now I'm obsessed with the kids from Spring Awakening. I'm skipping our party because I just can't get enough of Spring Awakening.“ —Alexa Vega

Ain't It Cool News liked the movie. “They're the ones we were most nervous about. They're the hardest people to please, but do they ever leave their homes?” —Scott Wittman, composer

Did you grab Travolta's fake boobs? “Yes, I felt up John. It felt like foam and those little heating pads you put on your neck. It was weird.” —Zac Efron

Queen Latifah

Your dog's in the movie? “She barks in rhythm. Most of the dancers in the movie are billed underneath our dog.” —Mark Shaiman, composer

Michelle Pfeiffer

How will you deal with your legions of screaming fans? “Scream back, but in a lower, manlier pitch.” —Elijah Kelley

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