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‘The Ten’ Screening

DGA Theatre. July 23, 2007. By Jocelyn Guest

Were you scared about the gross-out comedy? “No! If anything, it was the boys that were going to do the nasty stuff.” —Gretchen Mol

Winona Ryder

What's it like on the set? “There was a gangbang after breakfast every morning. It gets you warmed up. Some directors like to do body movements, exercises. They like to do gangbangs.” —Kerri Kenney (GETTY IMAGES)

Any hazing on set? “You know, a lot of wedgies. We had everybody poo on Oliver Platt's chest.” —Ken Marino

What's the hardest commandment to keep? “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods. My neighbor has a riding mower I have my eyes on, which is weird because we live in New York.” —Paul Rudd

Which commandment do you break the most? “Honoring the Sabbath. I mean, I honor it — I'm like, ‘Woo! Sabbath! What's up?!’ But no church anymore.” —Bobby Cannavale (GETTY IMAGES)

What commandment do you break most often? “Probably coveting my neighbor's goods.” Everyone is saying that. “Ha, really? We're in the age of iPhones.” —Jason Sudeikis

Janeane Garofalo

What should be a new commandment? “Thou shall wear Meltin' Pot jeans … all year long.”
Michael Showalter (GETTY IMAGES)

What commandments do you know? “Don't eat pork. Don't wear white after Labor Day. If you start with tequila, stay with tequila.” —Michael Ian Black

Melissa Hill

What would you say is the hardest commandment to keep? “Coveting your neighbor's ass. Well, I live in Brooklyn, so there's not a lot of farms.” —Zack Orth

Famke Janssen

How was working with Liev Schreiber? “One time on set with Liev, he was like ‘What does this mean?’ I had to explain to him that it doesn't mean anything and he was like ‘Got it.’” —David Wain

What commandment do you break the most? “I sin on a daily basis. The coveting one. Using the Lord's name in vain. I curse like a sailor.” —Rashida Jones

Chris Meloni

What's a commandment you break often? “Don't covet thy neighbor's wife. I have friends that have hot wives, and secretly I have thoughts. So it's not breaking the commandment, technically.”
Cedric Sanders

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