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Hampton Social at Ross Presents Billy Joel in Concert

The Ross School, East Hampton. August 4, 2007. By Michael Idov

What's the longest you could continuously listen to Billy Joel? “Ha. No, seriously, he's awesome. You guys hate me, don't you?” —David Blaine

Mary-Kate Olsen (GETTY IMAGES)

Have you listened to Fantasies & Delusions, Billy Joel's classical album? “It is sooo underrated. I don't understand why it hasn't become totally huge!” —Alexa Joel (GETTY IMAGES)


Adam Sandler

Do you have a favorite Billy Joel song? “‘Uptown Girl.’ It reminds me of my younger years.” Oh, yeah? Were you a Downtown Man? “Um, yeah, most of the time.” —Jonathan Cheban

Renee Zellweger

Jon Bon Jovi

Have you ever flown from Manhattan to the Hamptons? “Once! I had to shoot a commercial here, so they flew me in. Great view.” —Kelly Ripa (GETTY IMAGES)

Christie Brinkley (GETTY IMAGES)

Alec Baldwin

Ever charter a helicopter to the Hamptons? “Oh, no, that's outside my price range. I have a place in Sag Harbor, and they're constantly buzzing overhead.” —Edie Falco (GETTY IMAGES)


You're the executive chef. Did you cook for Billy? “We're serving his favorite — marinated skirt steak. ” —Katie Lee Joel

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