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A Special Screening of ‘The Nanny Diaries’

Cinemas 123. August 13, 2007. By Jocelyn Guest

What do you think of modern Manhattan mothers? “They're these overqualified women with nothing to do. They're frustrated and miserable so they become controlling, neurotic, or just self-obsessed.” —Laura Linney

Alicia Keys

Are New York City kids better or worse than other kids? “New York kids are the smartest and the nicest, but they have the potential to be the brattiest. There's so much opulence!” —Harvey Weinstein (GETTY IMAGES)

Rachel Roy

Have you had crazy babysitters? “Not really. I have a brother, and he always babysits me. He'd bring his friends over, and we'd hang out.”
Nicholas Reese Art

Sherri Saum

Any fashion tips for nannies? “My friend's nanny in Paris is fashionable. She came to have lunch with us, and here was my nanny in tennis shoes and jeans and his nanny shows up in high heels. I nearly dropped dead.” —Nina Garcia (GETTY IMAGES)

Emily Sandberg

Does the movie make you feel for nannies more? “It's impossible to avoid the guilt watching it. I definitely felt like I should be at home eating peanut butter out of a jar and singing songs in French to my kids.” —Cynthia Rowley

Holly Dunlap

Where do you fall on the nanny-cam debate? “I can't imagine being suspicious of my kid's nanny. If I even wanted a nanny cam, it's time to switch nannies.” —Robert Pulcini

Annelise Peterson

What makes being a nanny in New York so tough? “New Yorkers are paranoid. Everyone is terrified that the nannies are abusing their children. It's crazy.” —Shari Spinger Bergman

Jennifer Creel

Did you ever babysit? “I would babysit for this lady's two kids, and she'd say, ‘Well, once they're asleep, why don't you just clean out my pantry?’ I did it for like 75 cents an hour when I was 13.” —Donna Murphy

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