PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Cinema Society's Screening of ‘The Good Night’

East Hampton, N.Y. August 18, 2007. By Alex Gartenfeld

The film is about dreaming. Do you have a worst nightmare? “It's about dreaming? Oh, I didn't realize that. I was wondering.” —Christie Brinkley

Do you have a worst nightmare? “After my father died, I had this really horrible nightmare. The worst nightmare I've ever had. Way to cheer me up!” —Gwyneth Paltrow


Did the film come to you in a dream? “It did actually. I'm really interested in the way dreams affect reality.” —Jake Paltrow

Stella McCartney

What's your worst nightmare? “I had get back to my high school, and I have one year left of eligibility to play basketball. That's not true, but that's always the dream.” —Ed Burns

Did you have nightmares as a kid? “I had a recurring one with a witch and a drain. It went on for five years. The witch was in the drain.” —Rashida Jones

Hana Soukupova

What's your worst nightmare? “It's the nightmare where you're at school and you have no clothes on. I think it's because school is coming back in season.”—Katie Lee Joel

Dick Cavett

What's your favorite dream? “My life!” —Kate Capshaw

Dan Abrams

What's your favorite recurring dream? “When I was covering ballet, I dreamed I was flying. I would jump into the clouds, and then I would levitate.” —James Lipton

Sessa von Richthofen

What's your worst nightmare? “My God, I'd rather not remember them.” —Ingrid Sischy

Lauren Bush

What SPF do you use? “Oh, God, I don't know.”
Barbara Walters

Richard Johnson

Candace Bushnell

Kathy Hilton

Do you have nightmares? “Yeah, but you won't think it's scary. A crocodile was chasing me. It plagued me for years as a small child. It took me fifteen years to figure it out: I'd seen Peter Pan, and there's a crocodile in it.” —Bob Balaban

Donna Karan

Do you have a least-favorite trailer? Swept Away. No, I'm joking.” —Meredith Ostrom

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