PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Jay Fielden & Anna Wintour Dinner in Honor of Roger Federer

Wakiya. August 23, 2007. By Brett Amelkin

Do you play tennis? “Absolutely no. I'm a big fan of Roger's, but I can't even hit the ball. I mean literally I can't.” —Rachel Weisz

Diane von Furstenberg

Marc Jacobs

Why is tennis so popular in the fashion world? “I'm so guilty of liking golf — it's so unchic. Why do these tennis guys look so good and dress so well even when they're playing? Golfers are so schlumpy and awful. I wish I knew.” —Jay Fielden

Jann Wenner

Melania Trump

Do you have a favorite designer? “I like Prada a lot. I haven't gotten much into the American designers yet, but this gives me the perfect opportunity to meet them all and get inspired by them and hopefully grab some more of their clothes.” —Roger Federer

Vera Wang

Oscar de la Renta

What's your favorite tennis fashion? “I'm into old-school classic, all-white staples. I love what they do at Wimbledon. I'm actually a little bit of a snob about tenniswear.” —Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner

Mirka Vavrinec

Why are you such a big tennis fan? “It's the only one I play.” How's your game? “Passable.” Where do you play? “Midtown Tennis on Eighth Avenue and 27th Street at six o'clock in the morning.” —Anna Wintour

Bee Shaffer

Michael Kors

What kind of court do you play on? “I play on hard courts.” Who's your favorite player? “Definitely Roger.” —Donald Trump

Patrick Demarchelier

Phoebe Papadopoulos

Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer

Do you play tennis? “I play it on the Wii. I threw my arm out, it's embarrassing.” —Jimmy Fallon

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