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Bravo Launch Party for Tim Gunn's ‘Guide to Style’

Soho Grand. September 5, 2007. By Amy Odell

What are your plans for Fashion Week? “I can't even begin to adequately express how crowded my agenda is. It really is. ”
Tim Gunn(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

Petra Nemcova(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

So can you wear white after Labor Day? “We live in a postmodern deconstructionist era where we can drag and drop anything we want at any time. So do what you want.” —Veronica Webb(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

Nigel Barker(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

What did you think of New York's story on Bravo? “In Bravo's defense, they make TV. They don't make clothes.” — Jeffrey Sebelia (RD/Eckstein/Retna)

Beth Ostrosky(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

Do you only wear clothes you make? “Pretty much, but just because I don't really take the time to go shop.” —Laura Bennett(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

Sam Talbot(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

What brings you here? “I'm sort of related to Tim Gunn in the sense that my niece co-wrote his latest book.” —Christine Ebersole(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

Mark Ecko(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

Did you read the New York story on Bravo? “I thought Santino looked great on the cover.” —Austin Scarlett(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

Malan Breton(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

Are you going to watch Tim's show? “I have to! Especially when I'm on. It's going to be a great success — I'm in the second episode.” —Carmen Marc Valvo(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

Richie Rich(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

How did you wind up here? “I didn't even know it was Fashion Week until today.” —Bam Margera(RD/Eckstein/Retna)

party lines image