PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Marchesa Spring 2008 Presentation

Chelsea Art Museum. September 5, 2007. By Jada Yuan

What's the theme? “British Raj. A mixture of Victorian and Indian. We were in India when we decided to start Marchesa. We get our embroidery there. ” —Keren Craig

Naomi Watts

Why a presentation instead of a runway show? “For our clothes, loud music and girls walking just didn't seem to suit it. I think it's a more peaceful environment, like an evening cocktail party. ” —Georgina Chapman

Graydon Carter

Are you learning about fashion? “Wear your shirts out. I was the quintessential tuck in your shirt, put on a tie, and look stupid. That's ended. ” —Harvey Weinstein

Rashida Jones

You touch the clothes? “You're not supposed to, but I do. I'm bad. I didn't eat pizza beforehand. Well, I did eat pizza, but I washed my hands. ” —Phillip Bloch

Rachel Zoe

Do you prefer presentations to runway shows? “I don't know if we're supposed to make eye contact. Some girls have broken and smiled, and others just stare straight through you. ” —Anne Hathaway

Glenda Bailey

Get any good swag yet? “Marc Jacobs gave me a leather handbag. I'm obsessed with it. ” —Chanel Iman

party lines image