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Condé Nast Presents ‘Fashion Rocks’

Radio City Music Hall.September 6, 2007. By Bennett Marcus and Tre Borden

You really glammed it up tonight. “You know, it's Fashion Rocks, so I figured I'd dress up.” —Avril Lavigne

Steven Tyler

Who in the music world has great style? “Steven Tyler always looks like a rock star no matter what.” —Martina McBride


What's your style like? “I like combining things together. Like this is an old vintage T-shirt. Fugazi — great band, I love ’em” —Jesse Carmichael (GETTY IMAGES)

Alicia Keys

What's your style? “I was the kid in high school who just wore jeans and a hoodie every day. Now I'm trying to learn something from the people around me who are much more fashionable than I am.”
Josh Groban

Jeremy Piven

How would you describe your style? “Grown and sexy.” —Mary J. Blige

Joe Perry

Who's your biggest style icon? “Grace Kelly. She was very fashionable, but very understated.” —LeAnn Rimes


Whose style would you like to copy most? “George Clooney. He is always classic and stylish and always looks good. I'd like to be like him.” —Ludacris

Nicole Richie

Why do you like to start beef so much? “What?! Who told you I like to start beef? You wanna start some beef right now?!” —50 Cent

Jennifer Lopez

What outfits do you regret? “Once I did a spoof video where I had a costume that ‘wardrobe malfunctioned.’ But it wasn't really a malfunction because I wanted the parts to come off.”
Tom Hamilton

Jessica Alba

Do you have an outfit you regret? “In the seventies I once wore a spacesuit that was bright pink.” —Brad Whitford

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Why'd you move Top Model to New York? “I always feel this charge when I'm in New York. I thought my show needed that shock.” —Tyra Banks

Jennifer Hudson

How would you describe your style?
“A 50-year-old guy trying to look hip.”
Denis Leary

Mischa Barton

What outfits do you regret? “There is one, but I don't want to tell you about it because you'll probably be able to find it online. So embarrassing.” —Ciara

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