PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Ralph Lauren 40th Anniversary Party

Central Park Conservancy. September 8, 2007. By Amy Odell and Jada Yuan

Do you have any good Ralph stories? “Every time he stays in Bedford—he lives next door to me—I heard a car go zoom zoom down the road. Always a different car. That's Ralph.” —Martha Stewart (GETTY IMAGES)

How do you feel now that it's all over? “It's not over, it just began. We have a big night ahead of us.” —Ralph Lauren (GETTY IMAGES)

Nice dress! “I changed my father's design. I told them I wanted ruffles on the shoulders. Then later on, I went to the studio and everything had ruffles.” —Dylan Lauren (GETTY IMAGES)

Dustin Hoffman (GETTY IMAGES)

What did you think of the show? “ I thought it was spectacular. He had a lot of whimsy tonight. He's normally so elegant and restrained, but he threw caution to the wind tonight.”
Sarah Jessica Parker (GETTY IMAGES)

How did you decide what to wear this evening? “Ralph Lauren's person brought a beautiful outfit to the house. That's the nicest way to dress.” —Matthew Broderick (GETTY IMAGES)

Did Ralph ever give you clothing advice when you worked for him? “One time he said, ‘You should never wear camel.’ Other than that, he always trusted us.” —Vera Wang (GETTY IMAGES)

Carolina Herrera (GETTY IMAGES)

Did Ralph say anything about your outfit the first time you met him? “No. He was lovely. He was so complimentary, and probably so lying. But he did it really effectively.”
Diane Sawyer (GETTY IMAGES)

How's Fashion Week going? “It's been crazy. I am a very bad president of the CFDA during Fashion Week. I have to worry about my show.”
Diane Von Furstenberg (GETTY IMAGES)

The women here are kind of skinny. “They're not quite as skinny as I thought they would be. Some of them had a fuller figure. I enjoyed it.” —Ray Kelly (GETTY IMAGES)

What outfit did you like? “ There was a cream dress at the end with a cream jacket and it was so slender, it was just beautiful.” —Katie Lee Joel (GETTY IMAGES)

party lines image