PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Narciso Rodriguez
Spring 2008 Collection

Gramercy Park Hotel. September 9, 2007. By Amy Odell

How do you feel about Narciso? “He worked for me at Anne Klein. Hes like my son. My designer son.” —Donna Karan (WIREIMAGE)

David Byrne (WIREIMAGE)

Who do you wear most often? “Phillip Lim. I wear Phillip Lim every day of my life. ” — Molly Sims (WIREIMAGE)

Hal Rubenstein

Some designers say they dont get nervous. Do you? “Theyre better men than I am.” And women. “And better women than I am. ” —Narciso Rodriguez

Tracee Ellis Ross

Are you partying tonight? “No. I have to wake up at 4 a.m. ” —Julianna Margulies

Jeremy Piven

How well do you know Narciso? “Were good friends. Hes a very, very sweet, kind gentleman. ” —Rachel Weisz

Cindy Sherman

Jared Kushner

How closely do you follow fashion? “Its not my profession to think too much about that. I have to dress for construction sites. ” —Ivanka Trump

party lines image