PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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party lines image

Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 Collection

The Armory. September 10, 2007. By Jada Yuan and Bennett Marcus

What do you like about Marcís clothes? “It fits great. Itís just absolutely gorgeous with a little bit of edge, and a little bit of funk to it. ” —Sheryl Crow

Marc Jacobs

Where is Marc in the fashion food chain? “Marcís a big deal. If Marc put on a shitty show, it would be a really big fucking deal. ” —John Currin

André Leon Talley

Howís your daughter Francis Bean? “Sheís really into the White Stripes right now. She wears a lot of red and black, and black eyeliner. ” —Courtney Love

Vincent Gallo

What are your favorite stores in New York? “I love all the stores here. The vintage stores are fantastic. ” —Victoria Beckham

Simon Le Bon

Whatíd you do during the delay? “I went to the Mario Testino book party. There were all these beautiful young men in their underwear holding the books. I was surrounded by flesh. ” —Helena Christensen

Kim Gordon

Is Marc punctual in real life? “He would never be deliberately late for anyone. ” —Nick Rhodes

Gilles Bensimon

Is that Marc Jacobs youíre wearing? “Of course it is. Itís next season! Yíall donít even know. ” —Lady Bunny

Heath Ledger

What are you up to? “I just got back from Toronto. They screened one of our movies, Battle in Seattle, at the film festival. ” —Michelle Rodriguez

Anna Wintour

How'd you pass the time waiting for the show to start? “I was pulled over on a side street in my car. ” —Michelle Trachtenberg

Jason Preston

How do you describe your style? “Right now, my styleís a little sweaty. ” —Amy Poehler

Casey Spooner

Did you kill time before the show by drinking? “I had half a margarita, and I can no longer follow through with my plan to move my car from its alternate side of the street parking at the end of the night. ” —Cindi Leive

party lines image