PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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New York Screening of
‘Eastern Promises’

Tribeca Grand Hotel. September 11, 2007. By Jada Yuan and Amy Odell

Thereís a big fight scene in this movie. What was your last fight? “College. It was a drunken dorm brawl with my best friend. We were drunk, we hit each other a couple of times, we felt like idiots, and then stopped. ” —Moby

Viggo Mortensen

Whatís it like working with Viggo Mortensen again? “I still am astounded at how he can disappear into a role. And the instant you say ‘cut’ heís Viggo again. He just annihilates himself and really becomes this other person. ” —David Cronenberg

James Schamus

Jacqueline Bisset

Whatíd you think of the naked steam-room fight scene? “It was the best nude fight scene Iíve ever seen. This one was really serious. It was rough. Iíve got to give it to Viggo. He's committed.”
LL Cool J

Woody Harrelson

Were you taken aback by the naked fight? “No, it was just a nice violent scene. ” —Rufus Albemarle

Allison Sarofim

Did you get injured making the movie? “The real physical stuff was the fight scene, but you know I was drunk and itís not the hardest thing to do. ” —Vincent Cassel

Helena Christensen

Salman Rushdie

Have you ever been injured on set? “I had to hit Arnold Schwarzenegger once in a movie. And even though I did the hitting, my hand was so much more sore than his chest. ” —Sarah Wynter

Kiera Chaplin

Damon Dash

What do you think of this yearís shows? “Iím so focused on my own because thereís so much work to put your own show together. I havenít had time to pay attention to anyone elseís. ” —Tommy Hilfiger

Heath Ledger

Milena Govich

How do you detox from Fashion Week? “There should be a designer spa. They whisk you out of the venue and right into the spa, and you donít read any reviews and you donít talk about fashion. ” —Cynthia Rowley

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