PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Buoniconti Fund
Great Sports Legends Benefit

Waldorf Astoria. September 17, 2007. By Jada Yuan

Was there cheating in the NBA when you played? “I canít tell you. If they cheated against us, it didnít work out too good for them.”
Magic Johnson

Bob Costas

Did anyone ever cheat against you? “Yeah, in the first three Super Bowls we lost. Someone must have been cheating.” —John Elway

Dorothy Hamill

Whatís your best piece of sports memorabilia? “A 1957 Edmonton Flyers jersey of my fatherís.” —Mark Messier

Gary Player (GETTY IMAGES)

Do you own any sports memorabilia? “The best thing I have is a great photograph sent to me by Ted Williams, signed, ‘Tom, Iím your No. 1 fan. Ted Williams.’ Thatís pretty good.” —Tom Brokaw

Janet Evans

Are basketball players as bad at golfing as everyone says? “I hear that, too. Iíve golfed with baseball players and they can smash the ball, but theyíve got no short game.” —Kelly Slater

What personal memorabilia do you keep? “My Super Bowl ring and my Hall of Fame rings. Those are going to my kids. The Hall of Fame can have my helmets.” —Harry Carson

Lesley Visser

My neck is killing me. Is this what a party of basketball players is like? “If it was just basketball players, weíd all be the same height. Nobody would need to bend down to talk to anybody.” —David Lee

party lines image